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Thread: Convert 3:2 to 16:9

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    Default Convert 3:2 to 16:9

    How do i convert a pic of size 3:2, into another size ? Tried using croping method, but the dimension of the picture still remains the same at 3:2. So when I load the pics up on a widescreen tv, the pics look stretch horizontally. Need your advice on how to "convert" the pcis into widescreen friendly. Thanks

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    set ratio as 16:9 before you crop...

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    What software do you recommend to do this ? Any freeware to allow such conversion ? I am currently just using Picassa, and dont seems to have this capability ?

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    use photoshop to crop. set the ratio to 16:9.

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    Default Re: Convert 3:2 to 16:9

    wrong forum

    thread moved

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    My method if I were you:

    In Photoshop,

    - Use Rectangular Marquee Tool, set "Fixed Aspect Ratio" at the top to width 16 height 9.

    - Then select the area you want using the marquee tool. You'll probably notice that the frame is much different from a 3:2.

    - Press Control+R to make the rulers appear at the sides.

    - While still in marquee (the dotted box still there), drag guidelines from the ruler to frame your box.

    - Then deselect the marquee, and use the Crop tool.

    Voila. 16:9 ratio.

    You probably cannot just directly convert the 3:2 into 16:9 without cropping, coz there will be distortions.


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