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    hi! i currently own a canon w/ EFS 17-85mm lens.
    i enjoyed taking candid shots, capturing emotions. i like shooting macros as well, if an interesting subject presents itself.

    what lens would you guys recommend for such purpose? a longer focal length sould be nice as to be able capture the "moments" from a distance. ability to shoot in low light conditions is really a plus. budget is from mid-range up.

    looking forward for your suggestions. thanks in advance.

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    think the 100mm macro fits your bill..

    has 1:1 macro function, a longer focal length than your current lens, and a max aperture of f/2.8..

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    Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L i believe this is canon version of the great Nikkor.

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    thanks for your replies!

    i sure am considering the 100mm lens as reviews of this lens says that it really is very sharp. though they say it's auto focusing is somewhat slow, i still keep it on my watch list.

    as for the 85mm lens, i think that the focal length is not long enough to capture the shots from a distance and without getting in the way of the shot. anyway,thanks for your suggesting.

    anymore suggesstions from guys here are very welcome.

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    erm.. 85mm 1.2L isn't exactly mid-range budget.. if you want a longer focal length to capture shots from a distance, you can consider the 135L..


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