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Thread: My 1st trail shot....

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    Default Take Me Home, Please

    I've just got my dlsr and the 1st photo taken was picture of my daughter... Photo was touched up with CS......
    I find it's a bit grainy, forget to reduce my ISO.... the pic taken at ISO 1600...
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    do write abit more on why you've chose to post process the picture this way. there has also been an increase of titles with '' ??? 1st shot'' ''1st try'' etc. please avoid using titles like that as they don't mean anything to help in the critique.

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    hi how do u make that shoot keen to share

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    It looks pleasing. The girl stand out, but it doesn not give me that "take me home" feeling. It probably feels more like a lost in time pic. She's still and time is going very fast pass her.

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    u used blur effect during PP?

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    I think he used zoom effect then unmasked the child.

    This would've been more effective if the child was in some sort of movement (i.e running or walking towards you). The zoom would've emphasized the movement. But in this case, there is no movement hence, the addition of this effect is unnecessary IMHO.

    Try shooting this at a lower angle (child's eye level or even lower) and try and experiment putting your subject right smack in the middle and moving your position a little more to your left. I know about the rule of thirds and all but there are exceptions to this rule.

    Don't worry too much on your ISO setting. The noise isn't that obvious any way (Canon?).

    Kids are quite fun to shoot. I guess that's every parents first subject when they buy their first cameras. That was one of the reasons i bought one. Keep it up!

    By the way, you have a lovely daughter.

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    At least the background is blurred and your subject is standing out! Perhaps your PP could have been done a little more intricately. Some portions of the subject's hands and body are blurred...
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    IMHO, the PP is too unnatural if you are trying to achieve a shallow DOF. I think the one without the PP will look nicer or taken the photo with a big aperture.


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