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    Hi guys

    Have gotten a project from a client its basically for a crane website.. I have to take shots of huge a$$ cranes the once they use to build bulidings..its most prob a day's worth of work travel down to 2 or 3 construction sites just to be sure to get the needed shots. So has anyone done shoots in construction site... Client jus needs softcopy n will drive me to the sites.What would be a average rate you guys would charge for such a shoot? First time doing corprate shoot so need sincere advise. Thanks.

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    Well, depends on your skill level, and also the equipment you use.

    If u shoot with a wide angle at the foot of the crane up, with distortion and such (unless thats what the customer wans) then your pay is just normal.

    Architecture photography will require you to shoot the item in perpenticular... either u go to the next building to shoot from the centre, or, u shoot from base with a perspective control, or u DI it... then u charge extra for the things you have, or did.

    if customer wans a thumbnail, then offer thumbnail price, if customer wans a poster... then prepare to pay more lor...
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    charge by hours.
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