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Thread: 1st wedding shoot

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    hi this is my very first wedding shoot, hope can get comments on the picture, composition and etc. few picture are put together (simple design), but all taken at F5.6, iso 200, 1/128. txs for all ur comments
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    My personal comment. The sunlight falling on the bride shoudler of the main pic is distracting. My attention is drawn there, it makes the face seems darker.


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    hmm i find that the processed background is kinda distracting
    the 1st thing i noticed is the background and the flowers?at the right
    they tend to take attention away from the main subject
    just my 2 cents

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    please note that critique request is limited to 1 picture post per week. i'll leave your second thread open since you might not have read the rules before posting.

    thread closed.


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