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Thread: Vista or XP

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    Quote Originally Posted by satay16 View Post
    what happened to those people who claimed "win 98 wins hands down over xp. period."?
    It is a shame that DOS has been dropped

    It would have been nice if we could run everything via DOS. (everything).

    I still run XP on all my machines because I have no problems with it.

    With networking alone, Vista was a pain and slow.

    It is a shame that we can't have drivers/games/utilities etc that have versions for DOS, things would be a lot faster.....

    At least I imagine they would, with not having all the overhead involved by windows.

    Maybe I am wrong

    I used to run diagnostic hardware controlled and logged by a 286 PC running dos, there is nothing as fast now with windows.

    I am talking about from boot up to result of diagnostic value on screen.

    It is un-thinkable to imagine how hast things would have been using DOS if we had quad core
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    I have both Vista and XP, no complains for both, but i'm more comfortable with XP as it is more user friendly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Godzilla Invades View Post
    You must know some basic configuration on the RAID plus as well fine tuning the BIOS for the system to work flawlessly. My CS3 is cap at 3.5GB of RAM......which runs super smooth.

    Configuring XP 64bit also take sometime too. Looking for drivers is like hell as some programs do not support OS 64bit even after so many years.

    You can get XP 64bit in one and only shop in SLS. The only problem is I forgot which shop it's on either 3rd or 4th level. Price around SGD$250
    Thanks for the info bro.

    Dun think I'm proficient enough to do all that as I'm quite a computer nerd.
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    I don't get an BSOD on the vista. Not at all, haven't restarted my comp got about 2 mths already.

    The User Account Control prompts can be turned off. But just leave it on for added security, especially for those who likes to install many many 3rd party software from dodgy sites.

    If you're thinking of upgrading to Vista, just remember to get a new computer to accompany it.


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    Leopard launching this month. Let see how good this OS .

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