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    When I saw the old lady in the wheelchair gazing at the kids playing in the fountain, I knew what the old lady was thinking. The following words probably described how she feels.

    From afar, she gazes at the dance steps of the water and children,
    They remind her of her own.
    Her own children,
    her own childhood.

    I wanted to capture the gaze of the old lady, how she seems to be mesmerized by the children; she was there for a good 10 minutes. Personally, I think I have successfully isolated the subject and framed it rather aptly.

    Well, I'm not really sure in what specific area I want critique on, so I guess anything's fine (:

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    wow i think this is a very nice shot, perhaps the depth of field was too shallow, can't see much of the girl in the foreground, aperture number could be bigger.

    the bag looks abit overblown and very distracting though. also, can pp away the plastic bag on the left

    I like how she stands out among the backdrop of modern day fashion clothes and with a child playing in the foreground. I can relate how she feels too from this photo

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    Too much empty space on the left and top. DOF could be shallower and should not have cut of the legs of that old lady. Else, concept and facial expression of the old lady is nice
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    I'm a newby so can't really offer any C&C on the technical aspect of the picture, I'll just leave a comment on what I thought when looking at it.

    Without reading your text below the pic, there is the possibility that a viewer could mistake the foreground child for a 'passerby' as we don't see enough of her to know that she is playing - perhaps a slightly wider view would have helped (I'm not sure if in doing that, you are able to keep a suitable DOF?)

    I agree with one of the other comments on the framing of the old woman, it would have been nice to have framed her full chair and included her feet.

    I think you have done a great job of capturing the old woman, and love the way you have created a contrast between old and young, by selective colored rendering.

    Well that was my first comment on a photograph, hopefully I can be more useful as I improve! thanks for the opportunity to view and comment

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    great picture of juxta...

    i would actually shoot is wider then include a vignet instead...

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    How about having it in monochrome? May suit the mode better. Just my 2 cts.

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    Thanks to everyone for your comments!

    sprintist: Thanks alot! It was a tough decision between slight blown highlights and too dark of a background, but I picked the former I quite agree with you on the depth of field, I wanted to use a larger aperture too, but my lens's sweet spot is at F8, and I wanted to capture the old lady's face as sharp as I can, so... a little compromise there. Thank you!

    yehosaphat: I wanted the space around the old lady to create isolation. I feel that if the old lady were to be nearer to the edges, it would be too tight of a crop. thanks for your comment!

    hobby: Yes I agree with you that there is a possibility for people to mistake the girl as a 'passerby'. The selective color rendering thing was just lucky! The old lady was clad in blue and the girl in red, so it was rather contrasty thanks you!

    wilsonang: juxta?

    F2point8: I have rendered it in black in white. Does this work for you?

    Thanks for all your comments!

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    my take on pp

    don't really know how to explain it, the composition and emotion is there
    but somehow the pp does not bring out the full mood

    because i am currently addicted to urban acid; here's the acidic version:

    and here's the color version

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    An excellent journalistic shot. Given the circumstances you could not have possibly framed this any other way. I disagree with having more details on the little girl, it's fine the way it is. I can tell its a young girl and that isn't my focus. The focus is the old lady.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilsonang View Post
    and what is your posting suppose to mean? please refrain from posting single worded comment that doesn't offer any help.

    post deleted 2nd time.


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