Hello all,

What are your views on what really works on these subjects ?

I have reps from every company visit me and tell me about their latest cameras.

They inform me as to how their cameras have image stability and that their cameras fight dust.

Each say that theirs is the best and tell me why.

I think that I have (in the back of my mind) a fair idea what will work best and what is a make shift idea.

I would like to hear your views on the subjects.

Of the points in question:

Image stability.....

Lens element shift (if the elements are ground to give best result, this is the better).

Sensor shift (the image is never direct to the sensor, do the pixels have micro lenses?)

High ISO (anti blur) what about noise ?

Oh, and one more I was not aware of (a lens element infront of the sensor that shifts)

Anti dust ...

I liked the Olympus idea of a coil around omitting an ultra sonic wave.

Ultra sonic movement of a flim in front of the sensor.

Vibration of the sensor itself.

If I have missed anything excuse me for it.

My idea of what is the best of the above would be the Olympus idea of dust prevention and Canons idea of Image stability.

What are your views on this......sorry for the long intro to the question

I look forward to your replies.