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    I'm wondering wether anyone has had similar experience as me (and was able to solve it).

    I'm using an ist DL2, my problem is that about 90% of the time when I lock my AF onto a target and re-frame to take the actual shot, the AF lock loosens up and it redo the AF meaning it would re-lock at the center of the screen at the point of my shutter click (which would be in most cases background ... i.e. infinity)

    I'm temporarily using the "OK" button as my AF lock (this can be done within the custom setup page) and is not too inconvinient, but of course would like to solve the above problem. I just wandered wether i'm the only one having their AF lock loosen up.

    Thank you

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    I don't hv the cam but did a quick read up, manual pg 124.

    -MF will appear on the VF when OK presssed.
    -Lens needs to be compatible with quick shift focus.
    -The moment button is released, autofocus resume.

    Perhaps monitoring the MF indicator is most determine if OK button was working.


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