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Thread: How long before you upgrade your camera?

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    Default Re: How long before you upgrade your camera?

    With proper care and maintenance, I don't see why you can't get long and fruitful life from your camera. For me, I am still using my 1st SLR for 8 years, my 1st digicam for 6 years & my 1st DSLR for 4 years. I never had an excuse to upgrade my camera, except to add more lense or accessories. But I must admit that the itch to change my camera to the latest is always there
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    Thanks for the advise. Very true that it would not be cost effective after 5 years to maintain a DSLR than to get a replacement.

    Did not know that it would be that costly, $1K to $2K every 5 years, which work out to be $200 to $400 or more every year.

    I managed to get some information from the service ctr:

    is difficult to determine the proper life span of an electronic product
    especially when when it contains millions of electronic parts.

    Usually for DSLR, we will only concentrate on the number of shot you can
    take before the shutter deteriote.
    For D40x the shutter count is around 70,000 shots.

    However do note that even if you over shot 70,000 shots, your camera will
    still be functioning well.

    The common servicing requirement for DSLR will be cleaning of the image
    sensor, focusing and metering checking.

    Usually there is no rule of thumb that indicate when a camera should be
    brought in for servicing as when the image sensor, focusing or metering is
    having problem, user will experience abnormal exposure or out of focuing

    The cost of the shutter unit is SIN$160 and SIN$400 for the image sensor.
    The general servicing for D40x is SIN$100.
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    upgrade only when the camera cannot function anymore and the repair fees is higher than the re-sales value

    My camera already 4 years old

    Recently itchy for the full frame camera, but it should be year 2008 or 2009.

    Consider in this way, if now u buy a Canon 40D in $2000 (body only) now.
    Use for next 4 years, meaning each year $500, and each month is $41.67 worth it, rite?

    of cause if you are capable then it is a different story. in my opinion, a camera can last at least 4-5 years

    just my 2 cents.

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