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Thread: Noobie qn on signature

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    Question Noobie qn on signature

    may i know where do u all usually place the signature on the photos? the purpose of signature is to be very obvious (prevent ppl from claiming ur works) or to be juz at one small corner so as to retain the beauty of the photos? can someone enlighten me on this? thks.

    p/s: sorry if my poor english makes u all confused abt what i am trying to say.

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    That would depend on your sense of aesthetics

    Personally I feel that sticking a big, ugly sig on the pic detracts from the appreciation of a beautiful photograph. Put it on a frame outside of the photo, or do it in a way that complements the image as part of the overall design.

    Anyways, you can always post a low resolution image for display on the web....doesn't prevent people from swiping your image, but they probably can't get a good print out of it


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