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Thread: Printer Specification! Need Advice

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    Default Printer Specification! Need Advice

    Okay, i dunno whether is this the correct place to post this

    i officially blew my printer (Canon MP370) a few weeks ago
    today i attempted to open up the printer, cause i took it back from Canon service centre, who quoted me $170, saying it's printer ink leak. crazy price.
    anyway, opened it up, and i started cursing canon's printer manufacturing.
    20screws out, almost a dozen mini parts out and i still havent got the core of the printer.

    ANYWAY that's not the point

    so now im looking for a new printer, multipurpose one
    print colour, scan, copy, (no fax)
    and most importantly, photo printing.

    but i dunno wad specification to look out to have at least decent 5R prints. (is 5R the small one? i forgot)
    im on budget, $250 liddat?

    and wad to look out for the print resolution?
    DPI ????X????

    thx in advance!

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    Default Re: Printer Specification! Need Advice

    Might want to consider the HP Photosmart C4180 at $249. Specs here.

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    Default Re: Printer Specification! Need Advice

    Wow that sucks, I would recommend to buy a cheap printer, I use my HP PSC printer for my school projects and usually just get my ink from, the problem with the printer you mentioned is that they are very expensive and even more expensive to fix if they have any problems.


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