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    I was on NYC metro train @ Manhattan, and notice a lady and a guy kept reading their book and newspaper even though the carriage were so full of people comin' in and out.

    I had difficulty in getting the composition I like and also it's difficult to shot when the train moved. I waited until the train stopped, then luckily the lady and the guy were still deep into their reading. And noticed the teens coming in with their styles.

    Suddenly, interesting mixed emotion ( I think) showed on viewfinder as you see below.

    Does it work for you ? C&C please

    Taken with 18-200mm @ 18mm, f/3.5, ISO400, Aperture priority, no PP.

    ahandre (using Nikon & Sony Ericsson)

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    No, doesn't work.

    In your mind, ignore the other passengers on the train, except for the two fellas that you're interested in. Are they connected? I don't think so, visually, they're ophans separated since birth.

    I suppose you can try slowing down the shutter speed since supposedly they aren't moving but the rest of the peeps were. That may make the subjects pop.

    But still, it wouldn't work, because the two subjects aren't 'talking' to each other. No connection, period.


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