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    Hi Guys,

    Any recommendation on a small backpack that can hold the following:

    1. Canon 300 2.8 IS + 40D body
    2. 580EX
    3. better beamer
    4. extenders(1.4x and 2x)
    4. shoe cord

    would be good to be able to strap my tripod and water bottle to it too
    Saw the mini trekker, but looks kinda small interior.. Any advise??
    Sony a7rii + Batis 2/25
    Gitzo 1530 + Markins Q3

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    Thinktank Glass Taxi

    Put your Speedlite in its nylon case and stuff it in the space above your cam. Off-shoe cord can go into the side pouches. 1.4x attach to lens. 2X use lens wrap and stuff it in the spaces at the sides.


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