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    Hi everyone, I am quite a newbie in photography, and I have got confused about composition and framing. What excatly is frame, framing and composition. To my understanding, composition is how one wants to place the object in the picture and there are a few guides such as rule of third to help to place object. And framing is one of the technique to bring out the primary object. Then what is frame?

    Also would like to find out, what make a floral picture interesting. I went to SBG last week and taken some shots. I am not sure what should I include in the picture, what make the picture interesting. Should I include the stems, the leaves, blurred the blackground or use flash to darken the background? And some times when I use flash the floral become over expose.

    Seriously seeking help or advise from fellow seniors. Please kindly suggest your kind advise to me. Many thanks in advance.

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    Read a book. It will be less confusing and more coherent than the myriad advice you'll get here.
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    Have a look at Wikipedia's notes on this subject...

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    Thank you so much, both waileong and ykia.

    ykia, the link that you provided me with is very useful. thanks a lot.


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    maybe u can post ur pics for others to review.


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