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    Hi all, i jus got my dslr and am totally new to photography so pardon me if i said anythin wrong here.

    Anyw, this is a photo i took a while ago. I was tryin to add more life in the lonely street in sengkang by adding the stream of light in the pic.

    I would appreciate comments in terms of composition or exposure or anythin else u find i can improve on. Thks a lot!

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    1st, get a more steady tripod and a shutter release cable. can see that the image is blur even at such crop.

    also, image angle makes the image seem tilted... cos the flat platform on the stairs is making our mind guide the horizon of the image, and its tilted. So in a way look like the image is tilted. but that does not mean the image is tilted, just the angle you took.

    and there isn't any subjects except the bridge, which look very 'boring'... if can see abit of the speeding car would be nice.
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    haha, ok i will take note of that. Thks for the comment, appreciate that a lot!


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