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actually you just hit the nail on the head bro... i was also thinking about all the comments about canon and nikon having the most items to choose from... personnel i'm kinda sold to the olympus 410 and 510 already... to get IS or not to get IS... bulky or small... then again... canon 400d... aiyo... brand... against size.... why can't they make a smaller one...

for a hobby i guess having 2 lense + a good flash it should be good enough for most usage already right?
Well, maybe you would want to just pop by a reputable shop get some hands-on to see which camera you're comfortable with. You are the one using it & you must feel comfortable holding it. I have tried holding a few cams before deciding which to buy & I don't like something too small (cos I'm quite big sized) & too light (makes me feel like holding some plastics). Get something which suits you. It doesn't matter which brand you're getting cos there is no perfect camera. Just make full use of what you can achieve with your chosen cam. But do be careful not to listen to the salemen at the shops cos most of the time they will push you to buy something which is more profitable to them. Listen to your heart & get the one that your hand feels most comfortable with.