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Thread: Experimenting in RAW

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    Default Experimenting in RAW


    I have been reading up recently on the topic of shooting in RAW mode, saw it's advantages. So finally take the plunge to start shooting in RAW.

    Everything works well in Canon's DPP (raw convertor), but my Capture One LE software just could open up my Raw files, and so is my photoshop element 5.0

    Anyone using Capture One here, kindly enlighten me.


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    Default Re: Experimenting in RAW

    From your signature, I assume you are using EOS 40D?
    My guess is maybe Capture One LE does not support 40D raw file yet. You probably have to wait for them to update their camera profiles.

    As for Elements 5.0, I believe there's Adobe Camera Raw 4.2 now, which supports 40D.
    You can update your software from the Adobe website.
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    send the folks at Phase One a message and tell them your problem. Their upgrade usually come out pretty fast. So there may be a patch ready for you to download.

    Happened to me when I first got my 30D too.
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