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    hi, i've recently purchase the digi-cabi from carrefour, after turning on for 24hrs at max, i've reduce the setting to the blue zone, somewhere pointing at around 2 o clock, the rh value is now at 31%, what is the standard rh value for the cabinet which keep a dslr & a dvd cam corder?

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    IIRC, there are two suggested sets of humidity range for lenses in dry cabinet : 40%-50% or 45%-55%. IMHO, the best would be around 40%-45%

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    what if the the rh value is lower than 40-45% lets say 30%, will it harm the lenses or the camera or my camcorder? what about the temperature? there's no way to set the temperature inside the cabinet right? without airconditioning on in the room, its usually at around 30 degree celcius, is it ok? sorry for so many questions, this is my first cabinet...

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    High humidity allows fungus to grow in the lenses' glasses. Low humidity dries up the lubricants in the lens and possibly cracks rubber used in the lens

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    thank you for your advise, appreciate it...


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