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Thread: Most interesting/funny photo taking experience anyone?

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    Default Most interesting/funny photo taking experience anyone?

    Inspired by the bad photo taking experience thread, I would like to invite you to share your most interesting/funny photo taking experience.

    I shall start with mine.

    A year ago I went for a hiking trip with my wife at Twin Falls Washington.

    It is a simple trail rated as easy, and is a one-day trip.

    On our way back we stopped at a spot by the river bank because I wanted to take some pictures of the river. After framing my shot a man and a woman waked into my frame, about 50 meters away from us, and the man started taking pictures for the woman. So I had to wait until they are done before I can take my picture.

    I left my camera on the tripod and turned to talk to my wife. Suddenly, something my wife saw surprised her and she gestured for me to turn around to look.

    When I turned around, I saw that the women has taken off ALL her clothes and the man was still taking pictures for her!

    I can swear that this is a true story because I have the pictures to prove it....but I am not posting it here!

    We waited until they were finally done, and I took the pictures that I was originally planning to take.

    On the way out of the park, we ran into the man and woman, and they appologized to us for being in the way for my photo shoot.

    - Roy
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    wah ... if something like that happen singapore , all the photographers will be around to take ...

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    last time when i was practicing street photography, i went for a change from the usual CBD black n white street shots and went to sentosa to shoot candids of beachbabes...when the photos were developed then i realised that one in onr of the shots, the beachbabe in the pic was actually holding a PnS to her face and was aimimg at my direction. funny i didnt realise it when i was looking thru my viewfinder.


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