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When I read photography stuff on the web, I'm more attracted to gear stuff and drool over lens and exotic gear, when I should be looking at more pictures instead.

Can I get advice from more experienced members on how you have gone on to the "next level", like making shots more interesting, "seeing" the world differently... etc.
Once you stop drooling over equipment and technology, there is little else left in the hobby but to care about the pictures. At this stage you either lose interest, or you start caring about pictures (and "learn to see", whatever that may mean), all by itself.

Would it be better if I take such photos "tactically" so that their expressions would be more natural, and what I'm trying to "tell" would be clearer?
If you ask others rather than trusting your own feelings, you deny your own "seeing" to guide you. Think for yourself, and don't try to satisfy other's ways of "seeing".