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    I shot this amazing temple in march 2004 during my second visit from angkor wat. Camera in this time was my analog horseman sw612p with an ultrawideangle lens, the 35mm (6x12cm!!!)

    After I went home I had the idea to create a dramatic dark picture, like at night, and I also wanted to make it like a painting.

    Here is the result from 1 week work with Cs2

    This time I reduced the size to 750 Pixel... but, this is by far to small to see how it looks like.

    Anyway... I hope you like it

    After this postprocessing I called it my "Comic Style", and did a lot of pictures like this one until today. Some of them you can view at my homepage.

    Best regards from vienna


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    I like it!!!

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    nice shot!
    i would love it more if you cropped off the top which is white and takes the attention away from the center of the picture.
    anyway the top part doesn't show much, just the sky i presume?
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