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    Default Fisheye lens

    I was searching for cheap fisheye lens online when i noticed all of them carried a term either X0.42x or X0.3X.
    I read up on wikipedia but i didn't managed to find out much about these calcuations. I think the 0.3x is much more wider than the 0.42x but is there anybody here who knows of any reference site or has done research on exactly how much the range these lens can cover?

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    er, that probably isn't lens
    sounds more like fisheye CONVERTER
    which you add on top of lens to mimick fisheye effect
    e.g. here: raynox dcr-cf185pro

    very different from fisheye lens hor
    this just means that whatever focal lenght you are using, if you somehow can attach your fisheye converter
    then it will give you a .42x or .3x effect
    e.g. if you are using 50mm focal length in 35mm terms with .42 converter, then it will change to .42 multiplied by 50mm = 21mm in 35mm terms
    if you are using 50mm focal length in 35mm terms with .3 convert, then will be modified to .3 x 50mm = 15mm in 35 mm terms

    if you want proper fisheye LENS
    then you might want to go for zenitar or peleng, but i know the zenitar is not that sharp, if sharpness is a major concern for you
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    Thats quite informative. Thanks
    So lets say my camera FL is 60mm and i get a .42x conversion lens.
    My new FL will be 25.2mm
    The raynox range seems alittle expensive. I'm only shooting as a hobby so i don't think i'll be investing that much.
    I read somewhere that when you use a conversion lens, the edges at the ends will tend to be blur...
    Is that true?


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