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    Dear All, this is my first time posting here. Just took up photography not long ago.

    Photo was taken during sunset at a small marina at Harris Resort in Batam. During a weekend family trip for some R&R.

    Wanted to capture marina during sunset, togather with the calm waters in the marina. I think it would be better if
    the water is still, to create a mirror effect.

    Canon 350D w/18-55mm kit lens / Av F10 / Shutter Speed 1/50sec / Focal length 33mm

    C & C are most welcome. Thank you
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    not sure if you have to write a little something more regarding the scene, please read the critique corner guidelines and make sure you meet the criteria, makes life easier for the mods/admin manning this section as well

    but anyways, i will give my 2 cents

    1) i feel a little uncomfortable about the masts being chopped off, on the left, same with the mast's reflections, your focal length used indicates that could be wider
    2) well exposed, can see details in shadow that need to be seen, and can recover highlights that need to be recovered, i think
    3) wonder if you did pp here, i don't think so - the colours have potential but are a tad too subdued for my liking
    4) scene is a little cluttered, one more reason why going wide might be better, would render the coconut tree silhouettes which add almost nothing to the picture other than a hint of a setting less attention grabbing

    i did some quick pp on it, to bring out the colours, let me know if you want it down

    this is without manipulating colour balance, which i would do if this were a picture taken by me, i find the palette here with whatever wb setting you used does not really appeal to me, a tad too cool - even the boats are blueee. but that's possibly personal taste

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    night86mare, thanks for the comments and advise.

    I have pictures that were taken wider, the boats will look quite small.

    No pp was done. WB is on Auto.

    Currently, I would like the pictures to be as natural / original as possible (better to rcvd C&C and learn)

    Please leave your picture there for a better perspective.

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    If you place ur camera on a tripod, set the shutter speed a lot slower, you will even out the water. Also, I get the feeling that your pic is too busy. Maybe less of the water, one third of the boat and the rest is sky.

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    Your highlights are blown, shadows are too dark and color temp too cool. These can be corrected using PP. But what cannot be corrected in PP is your composition. Some masts are were not chopped but their reflections are. Use rule of thirds. Since you wanted to capture sunset, frame your pic for the sky to be 2/3 or if you want to capture reflections, do the opposite.
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    Clement / yehosaphat,

    Thanks alot for the advise. This is definitely the place to learn photography.

    Thanks again.


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