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    Question Help please!!!!!

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I am also reletivly new to digital cameras, and posting photos on the net. I am a big cichlid fresh water aquarium fanatic, I love to post my photos on the different fish forum sites. However there attachment sizes a lot of times are two small to be able to post my photos, so insted I use the [img] tags and post photos from my photo hosting sites. Well most of the time well all pretty much all of the time when I go to look at my post the photo that I tried to post comes out as a small red x, I am wondering what causes this and if there is anything I am doing wrong that causes this. How do I fix it. I would really appreciate some help with this, thanks.

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    Default Example!

    This is what I mean, I also posted this in the nature section under my fishy friends, it is a pic of my bumble bee african cichlid I have a bunch of cichlids in a 55 gal aguarium that I like to take pics of.

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    Your picture host doesn't allow hot linking thus image will not show up.

    Alternative is just put a url to your picture or host your pics with a hosting that allows hot linking.

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    Thanks this is news to me, do you know of a photo host that allows this, that I could try, it has to be a free one though I am not going to pay to store pics.


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