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Thread: Andy Rouse's Canon EOS 10D Review

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    Default Andy Rouse's Canon EOS 10D Review

    Just for sharing . Guess what happen to his D60 ?

    Who is Andy Rouse ?
    Andy Rouse is a professional wildlife photographer who lives his life to the edge. When he is not crawling around in some ditch in his beloved Wiltshire, he can be found risking his life getting closer to dangerous animals than anyone else does in the business. His pictures are published world-wide via a network of agents and in the 7 years that he has been professional he has quickly established himself as one of the leading European professionals. Perhaps best known in the trade for his TV series "Wildlife Photographer" he has also appeared on chat shows like Richard & Judy and Gloria Hunnifords Open Doors.Now he shares his exploits with his partner Tracey, a keen wildlife film maker. To find out more about his photography, courses, life and to see more of his work, why don't you visit his website.
    See my Photo Gallery at the Clubsnap

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    Just so you know, my D60 is no more. Last month it succumbed to the jaws of a hyena after volunteering to be left out all night attached to a pressure pad. All that was left in the morning was a piece of the shutter, so RIP my D60 and I hope that the hyena family are enjoying its use (or its taste to be more precise).

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    The hyenas sure put that D60 to waste!!!!!

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    Originally posted by nivlekx
    The hyenas sure put that D60 to waste!!!!!
    and they sure have lousy taste.


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