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Thread: First take on Esplanade - Night Shot

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    Default First take on Esplanade - Night Shot


    This is my first post here in cs, trying to get some comments using my first digicam.

    Total newbie in photography, so any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    Photo is taken with canon ixus 400

    Sharpened/Auto-Contrast in PS

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    i'm a newbie in photography too so i hoped that my comment on your photo is correct.

    a very obvious 'mistake' that u made is not observing the 1/3 rule.
    your photo seem to be divided into 1/2 with the building and sky in the upper half and the water in the lower half.
    personally, i felt that u can shift the pic down a bit more and capture more sky than the water since all the building are pointing up.

    ok, tht's my comment.. i welcomed comments on my comment too! afterall, everyone is still learning.

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    Well, here we go...

    As mentioned by xmax, this shot didn't apply the rule of 3rds but however, i would beg to differ that it was a "mistake". I's ok to break the rule once in awhile so don't limit yourself to always that one rule...

    Now, onto the picture... the lower portion, where ther water is, should have been cropped out, since there isn't much reflection of the esplanade to be seen. Instead the reflections from the bridge and the light competes for attention.

    Anyhow, this is just my interpretation and how i see your pictures. Others might have a different view.

    So, in the mean time, keep shooting.
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    Well from what i see....why is the Westin Hotel roof top being cut off? Well i feel the right side of your pic is give more attendtion then the rest, i do agree with xmax and wolfgang. But anyway keep trying don't ever give up for what becos what we just said, just keep shooting till you get it rite, well i hope i'm not too offence to you.


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