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Thread: Monitor calibration - does it help?

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    Default Monitor calibration - does it help?

    Hi bros - I've read that colors of LCD monitor can be properly corrected with a hardward+software calibration combo like Huey, Spyder, etc. Does it really help in reality as apposed to software like Adobe Gamma or the stock software that comes with the monitor?

    If it helps please advise where in KL I can find a package like that for S$200 or less. THANKS.

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    It most definitely DOES help. Most monitors' default colours are a little too blue.

    I got a Spyder Color 2 (non pro version) for about $250 plus (can't exactly remember the price - lost the receipt ) Don't exactly know if KL's prices are equivalent.

    The difference between the pro and non-pro version is the calibration software. The pro version allows you to calibrate to different colour space and gamma. The non-pro version is fixed to sRGB at 2.2 Gamma. Good enough for me

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    Thanks for your info. S$250 should be OK but I can only shop it from KL. I appreciate your help if you know a shop like CP in KL. Thanks.

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    Yes. It helps alot. Don't know any shop in KL. Why not mail order from B&H in US? Some items I find it cheaper to mail order from oversea instead of buying locally in S'pore. But I am not sure about the price between Malaysia and ordered from US.

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    I'm living in Vietnam and payment over the internet is not secure. Got a friend in KL and he may help to get one there. Thanks.


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