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Thread: Intro Digicam of $500 and below Pls.....

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    Default Intro Digicam of $500 and below Pls.....

    Hi there,

    My work camera just die on me. Company give me a budget of $500 and less to get a nice new digicam.

    Can anyone intro some good camera that is below $500?

    Looking at Sony or canon, panasonic and nikon camera. Other brand also can consider.

    Not too big in size. just compact and rough camera for me to stay photo on site.


    Ok. today went to Alan photoshop at SLS.

    was quoted the below few model.

    1. Canon ixus 70 and 75 $430/$480
    2. Panasonic FX30 $440
    3. Nikon S500 $440
    4. Fujifirm F40FD $410

    Then i went online to check. Panasonic have a newer FX33 and Nikon have newer S510. Anyone know the price for the above 2? Below $500?

    The sale person told me the best cam is Fujifilm F40FD. But its a bit bigger than the rest and china make.

    The 2 canon think i will pass it as it dun have image stabilizer thingy.

    More on Panasonic FX30 or Nikon S500 or the fuji F40FD is really a good cam?

    Anyone? i'm so blur now.


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    Default Re: Intro Digicam of $500 and below Pls.....

    Go to google, try reading some reviews of these cams. Seriously.

    As for the Fuji, many will say the older F31D is better.

    Go to John 3:16 in Funan, tell them your budget. They will tell you what the best cam is.

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    Default Re: Intro Digicam of $500 and below Pls.....

    What is the previous model of the cam?
    What kind of memory cards were used in the previous cam?

    Goto TK Photo and look for James, talk to him on your requirement and see whether anything for you....

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    Default Re: Intro Digicam of $500 and below Pls.....

    Ups for Fuji F31
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    Default Re: Intro Digicam of $500 and below Pls.....

    bought my Kodak Easyshare C875 for $499. $1 left you to buy drink. 5X optical zoom, 8 megapix. powered by 2AA batts, no image stablilizer and no view finder.

    but over a pretty balanced cam to use. you should go down to the shops and try out the cams..
    Kodak Easyshare C875


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