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    Hey people!

    This is a picture taken during my trip to Bangkok last year. I attended the annual Bangkok Jazz Festival 2006, and this beautiful lady here is a vocalist from Korea who joined the Asia Beat Project performance on stage.

    What I wanted to capture here is the sheer joy and fun displayed on her expression. It was an enjoyable evening, fun audience, and not only are the audience enjoying it, even the performers seems to be having fun on stage. That was what I wanted to capture and I hope it does show here. I've been shooting alot of still objects, wanted to try and capture more of human expressions.

    What do you think?

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    i'm not sure if what i say amounts to critique (something valued as professional advice). i think it is probably just an opinion.

    1. if possible, i would prefer a corrected white balance for the person, esp her skin hue and hair

    2. slight overexposure of the background incongruent to the expected situation

    3. the smile is good but her eyes are closed. if there is a microphone, the context would be there. without that, it is hard to tell.


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