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Thread: closeup lens?

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    Default closeup lens?

    I'm currently using a +4 lens, and find that it still doesn't allow me to get the subject, part of a 1/72 scale model, to fill at least half of a frame. What I can do to make the subject larger is to zoom in a little, but with the closeup lens I find that I cannot get a sharp focus.

    How should I solve this problem?

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    Well you could stack closeup filters in order to get closer. 2 +4 filters will give you a combined strength of +8 which may be overkill. Could try stacking +2 and +4

    When using close up filters, please note that you have a very limited focus range so you might have some problem focusing if you're out of range. You'll also have less depth of field when u get closer to your model.

    How big is a 1/72 scale model ?
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