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Thread: Experience with Dynasty Travel

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    Default Experience with Dynasty Travel

    Thinking of booking a trip with them to Turkey.

    Would appreciate if anyone has any opinion on them, whether good or bad.

    Can pm me if the content is too "sensitive".


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    Default Re: Experience with Dynasty Travel

    No experience, but recent newspapers did mention something about "optional" tours that you have to be aware of.
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    Default Re: Experience with Dynasty Travel

    Booked a tour package from them many years ago and find them pretty good. Think it depends on your luck as the tour guide would be different.
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    Default Re: Experience with Dynasty Travel

    Book a trip with them to Korea 2 years ago....we have 13 px so we form our own group....

    On touch down at Incheon Int Airport, we were stranded as the local tour made a miscalculation on our arrival date.....normally for Korea tour, the departure date is at night and the group will arrive on the next morning so that we save one night hotel we have to call back to Dynasty SG and they quickly contact their Korean counter the time the coach was already noon time so we wasted half a day

    But they did make up for it by throwing in a few more things in our trip like free performance show in Seoul and additional dinner thread

    All and all I would say their package are very good and the hotel and meal they provided are very good quality....they might not be the cheapest in the trade but we come back happy with a lot of good memories

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    Default Re: Experience with Dynasty Travel

    NATAS is coming this weekend
    Should have many tour agencies around for one to choose.

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    Default Re: Experience with Dynasty Travel

    I've used them 2-3 times, but all F&E and air ticketing, which is a different dept from tour packages though. I goto them when I need a "normal" tour agency, friendly and patient. I goto the Middle Rd office though - understand that they've expanded, and sometimes when companies expand, QA may suffer....

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    Default Re: Experience with Dynasty Travel

    Thanks for the opinions.

    Have booked the trip.

    Will report on how it was when we come back.

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    Default Re: Experience with Dynasty Travel

    I went on tour to Turkey a few yrs back.. Think it was with Dynasty (or was it Chan Bro..?)

    Turkiye was a delight to photograph..
    Different colours, hues, scenaries, environment..
    Mountains and monuments, sunrise and sunsets, castles and markets, Roman and Grecan, Ottoman and Byzantian, food and more food..

    I rem we tried all the 'optional tours', being hotair balloon ride, Bosphrous cruise and hammam..
    All were fantastic, 'cept it rained-out so no-go for ballooning..
    The tour group voted to have impromptu wine tasting at a vineyard..
    We even went pubbing with the local guide.. Raki is powerful stuff..

    My kakis logic was that we're on holiday and may not pass by this way again, so what the heck.. Go chiong everything available..


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