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Thread: Need advice on Gitzo Tripod

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    Default Need advice on Gitzo Tripod

    I cannot decide between Gitzo 2228 and Gitzo 1228. I prefer 1228 but I checked @ cathay today and
    G2228 - S$575
    G1228 - S$710
    Those who has used it before please share your experience and opnion. Thanks in advance.

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    i've owned the 2228 Explorer before. very light (for its size), and sturdy. the extra arm is also very handy for odd angles, esp for those into nature and macro photog (can position into very low and very awkward places). but the nature of its design is that the weight is not distributed evenly, but off-center, which is the bulk of most people's complaints.

    but still it's a very good CF tripod, very good value for money esp with the CP promo going on now.

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    Thanks Larry for your opinion. I also do not like off center column, eventhough they claim that it is for any angle for shooting. I do not know when will CP make promotion for 1228 because promotion and without promotion difference is around S$150

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    U should consider if u need a tripod with a center column. Adds weight and less sturdy than without center column.


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