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    Hi all!

    After taking some shots,could you tell from your LCD screen that your pictures are blur or only from your computer screen, after you have transfered?

    I ,for one, cannot detect from the LCD.
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    i dunno much about digicams but if yours is the type that allows for aperture/shutter/ISO/etc settings then it would be a good exercise to evaluate the settings used for a particular type of shot/s that u suspect to be prone to blurness.

    frankly speaking, the apparently slower slow shutter lag on digicams dont really help much in raising your expectations (i may be outdated on this point becoz i never used digicams b4...kekeke)

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    Digitally zoom in to check.

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    thou preview i'm able to tell, my is a 1 1/8" screen. A lot of times its experience, look thou the points that you are focusing, or zoom into your image. should be able to tell clearly.


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