I am going back to Singapore this Saturday evening for a meeting this coming Monday and to do some errants.

So if any of you wants to tompang me to buy lenses, I can do so. Pay me back in SG$ because anyway I also got to convert my HK$ cash to SG$ later on. Due to my tight schedule in Singapore, the only time to collect the lenses is on this coming Sunday before noon.

They will be bought at Wing Shing (easier for me) with receipt. So I presume you should know the price there. Do not ask me to bargain, buy grey sets or look around for cheapest prices because I don't think I have have the time to do so. Just offer me the HK$-SG$ exchange rate by PM and what lenses you want to buy. Whether you give any token or not, it's up to you as long as I don't make a loss doing the favour.

No aeroplanes please and I will only limit to bring 2-3 lenses only.