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Thread: Which negative scanner to get?

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    Default Which negative scanner to get?

    Am still using film, no inclination as of yet to switch to digital (maybe if they have a full frame sensor i'd think again, ha!) Hence, thinking of getting a negative scanner, mainly cos I want to convert my old negatives to digital files for preservation and uploading on internet.

    I'm really clueless about negative scanners, any suggestions anyone? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Which negative scanner to get?

    I think the Epson scanners, especially the higher-end ones (around $8xx) do a pretty decent job.

    What's important is the software, aside from the IQ where most brands are quite good today, because it is a pain trying to crop the negs into the 3:2 format.

    The ICE software give by Epson does almost every thing for you and you can load upto 24 frames (4 strips of six neg frames) into the trays. It will then sense the edges and pick out each frame to save as a separate file.

    Go down to the Epson showroom in Harbour Front to try it out.

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    Default Re: Which negative scanner to get?

    If you have lots of negatives to scan, then it may be better to get a dedicated film scanner like Nikon Coolscan 5000ED or Nikon Coolscan 9000ED.

    If not, look at the flatbed scanners with film scanning options from Canon or Epson.
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