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Thread: Which DigiCab should I buy??

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    Default Which DigiCab should I buy??

    Looking at the 80, 100 and 120.

    The 80 is like 229, the 100 is 299 and the 120 is like 349 at Carrefour. Do all these 3 models come with wavy foam? I know the 100 and 120 has, but not sure about the 80.

    Also, are there other options in terms of brands. I actually am not too hot on the build quality of the digicab. Open to suggestions tho. Thanks!!
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    Default Re: Which DigiCab should I buy??

    The biggest you'd need... check our your upgrading plan... think slowly and see if you'd have enough space after getting all your intended and mebbe some extras.

    Else if you save now by getting one which may be just nice, you may need to get one more later when you have more than you can fit in.
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