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    Hi everyone, I am new to photography, and just found that depth of field (DOF) is one of the technique for photography, and below are 2 pictures that I have taken over the weekend. For these 2 pictures, I would like to have comments about the DOF, how can I improve, or any other comments / suggestions ... or even best if someone could share with me the "correct" way of doing DOF photography. The lens, the zooming, the distance etc .... I am using cannon powershot S3 IS by the way ... Thanks in advance for all the comments.

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    You're experimenting with shallow DOF which has no right or wrong to it. 2nd photo is ovviously better than the 1st with regards to aesthetics. An out of focus object right smack in the middle of the photo just won't work. Bearing in mind that your focal length and object distances will also affect the DOF.

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    as the topic is more concerned with exercise of techniques, thread is moved to General, Reviews, Tech Talk from Critique Corner.

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    I think ur experiement prolly gave u a better idea on this topic. U can continue to experiement on this "technique" at home using perhaps botttles or anything that u could arrange in a line. After a while, u shld be able to control a "desired" outcome.

    For your two photos in post, I must agree that the OOF subject smack in the middle of the photo need considerations and I suspect that there is evidence of handshake blurring too.

    Keep it up in your practice and keep in mind the fundamentals when exploring new topic for learning.

    Great explorative work

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    Thanks Kit and Leinaj for the advice, will definately take note.

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    The above 2 examples are just showing different focus points not really on depth of field. In layman terms, DOF is defined the area around your subject that is in focus. Both your sample shots simply show shallow DOF with different focused points.
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    Yup. Try shooting at different apertures

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    it depends on mainly three things: aperture, focal length and object distance (from lens)
    the larger the aperture (smaller f/ number), the shallower the DOF ie less in focus.
    also, the more telephoto the focal length, the shallower the DOF
    for object distance, the nearer the object, the shallower the DOF, thus many macro shots have very shallow DOFs
    and the focusing distance determines where the DOF is on the pic

    you shld experiment with different focusing distances, and apertures to get different kinds of pics



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