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Thread: Automatic DIS-Truk-Sion!

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    Default Automatic DIS-Truk-Sion!

    better post somting before kanna kicked out ..hahah

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    Default Re: Automatic DIS-Truk-Sion!

    Thought it was something interesting about our own Sion......

    Don't see whats the fun is about weapons of mass destruction :-)

    No wonder the US is having good weapons business with so many wars supporting the US industry


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    Default Re: Automatic DIS-Truk-Sion!

    I might have to move to the US just to try that monster... and others
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    Interesting piece of hardware, but I don't think this rifle will be allowed in shooting clubs in Singapore as yet... maybe can try ordering it in for the shooting club, just for the kicks. Low recoil advantage. LOL.


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