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Thread: SBG Nature Abstracts

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    Default SBG Nature Abstracts

    1. Blue

    2. Hole

    3. Jagged

    4. Black

    I went back yet again, and returned with some new perspectives. #2 and #4 were shot at the waterfall feature. Comments welcome.

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    hi xray, like the first 2.. very neatly captured and well captioned...

    for #3, i feel the whitespots do no justice to the shot... cloning on PS might help..

    #4, i personally cant make up the focus (focus area not define) of an otherwise sharp-to-be and well-executed image...


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    I like #3 hope the color was more saturated though.

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    Thanks for the comments cepheus and bobcorn! I desaturated #3's yellows because it was too bright for me haha. I guess I gotta boost the colors more. I was lazy to photoshop out the holes too. I guess I need some focal point on #4 too. A bit "empty" in that sense.


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