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    hi all, ve been looking around for a tablet/pen thing for sometime, settled on the wacom graphire2. just realised that there are 2 diff models of graphire 2, the 4x6 ($129) and 5x7 ($210)!

    however there's no info on the wacom website on them having a 5x7 model for the graphire2 (g510)...can i safely assume that its just a larger version of the 4x6 model with the same specs?


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    Hi jon33

    Sorry for 'hijacking' this thread. I have a MG Logic PC Tablet for sale (serial port), would u be interested? I am looking to offload it for $40.

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    thanks for the offer fiddler...but i'm using a laptop and usb seems more convenient. wacom recommended by a friend who's a graphic design her intuous, but too high priced so going for graphire instead.

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    oh i c. thanks for the reply.


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