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    Hey has anybody tried the 300 action , the HALO or the VELVIATOR action from addicted2design? Does anyone have it ? Where would be the best place to look for free actions? Any suggestions on what actions produce best results for portraits/landscapes ?

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    other htan 300 action
    halo and velviator action sounds damn wrong hahahaha

    it depends on the effect you're intending to achieve? 0.o

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    where you find the actions one

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    google "action central" and "the lights right" for my favourite starting point.

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    Which sites got gd actions? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venom81 View Post
    Which sites got gd actions? Thanks.
    Most of my free Photoshop actions are from these two sites:

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    hi sorry for asking a noob question -

    but what to do after downloading and unzipping the actions from action central before I can get it to work? Do I need to copy the files to any Photoshop directory? It's my 1st time trying actions so all help appreciated!

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    For me, I look for the folder
    programme files--> photoshop (whichever version)--> presets --> photoshop actions

    I'll add the ATN file into that folder. Hope its correct.


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