Singapore Scientists Reveal Genetic Code of SARS Virus

Singapore's Genome Institute says it will be releasing its first test kit for SARS by the end of this week.

It seems among the SARS infected countries, Singapore is the only one who has a first test kit for the virus soon.

The Singapore Genome Institure is quite advanced to be able to make such good progress about a unknown virus in such as a short time span.

I don't think only the mighty US has the ability to find the vaccine or cure.

There are many vaccines and cures for major diseases in the world that are not discovered or invented by the US.

It is only the big US medical company, that later mass-produce the discovered vaccine or cure and sold it under their brand.

so we assume those medicines are "invented" by US.

Sir Alexander Fleming the founder of "Penicillin" dubbed the mircale drug was not a US citizen and he did not discover it in US labs or was he sponsored by any US company.