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Thread: Some updated add-on prices for A40/60/70

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    Default Some updated add-on prices for A40/60/70

    Didn't get any help from digital nikon forum.Hopefully someone will help me out.

    Here are some prices of 52mm add-ons for canon A40 or A60/70.All from CP except one.

    I wonder if OME is the brand for the adaptor cause i got a Kenko adaptor for $18 and was told that OME is $24.

    Is OME a short form or i bought the wrong brand of adaptor??

    Lens cap $5

    Hoya UV $9

    Hoya ND4 $11

    Hoya Close-up +4 $14

    Hoya CP $33 (fotoguide)

    Heard fotoguide gives better prices for lenes but they don't have anything except for the Hoya CP.Not even the cap.

    Slik U6600 is $53 with original casing but i didn't get it from CP.Heard that AP sells for $45 with casing.Just wana ask if it's an original casing?

    One last thing.Who should come first when adding these filters or there is no specific rules?

    Another thing is - when adaptor is on and flash can't flash the corner right bottom of the picture.It can be solve by zooming a bit closer rather than not zooming at all.Try it out.Hope this helps a lot.

    Cheers for all A40 users.

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    Slik U8000 at $42 and U9000 at $62 from MSColor. Both come with Slik tripod bags.

    Canon TC-DC52 $145 at MSColor
    Kenko LD-20T $88 at CP

    What filters to use depends on what you're shooting and what effect you want to achieve.


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