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Thread: What Dry Cabinet recommend?

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    Smile What Dry Cabinet recommend?

    Bought D40 in Comex and there is a coupon for Digi-Cabi Dry Cabinet AD-50.
    Is this good, any other recommendation or any suggestion.
    I am new in DSLR.

    Many thanks to all Masters/

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    Default Re: What Dry Cabinet recommend?

    Dude... wrong forum to ask this question.

    Next time post it in General, Reviews, Tech Talk or Newbies sub-forum.

    Anyway, do try to invest in a good dry cab like DigiCab.
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    Default Re: What Dry Cabinet recommend?

    Yes, buy a good digicabi. Other than Camera stuff, you can keep important documents, medicinal material, tea, coffee, cigar, etc in it. So, get a size that suit your need.


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