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    I came across this page and really love the bottom-center picture on the second page entitled A Different Music. I never seem to be able to get this sort of contrasty shadow with my shots. Is it a matter of camera settings, or is it a lens issue? I doubt flash was used, since it was in the open.

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    I believe it's a light vignetting effect on both sides...
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    possible pp using blending percentage and layer with soft light setting and brush with black on white on another layer.

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    Hmm ok. so it's basically a punchy effect achieved through PP. At the moment, I'm trying to get shots that look great without PP. After which, I'd learn how to PP to make them even better. Basically, my philosophy is to try for a 8/10 shot that can become a 10/10 through PP. Not a sub-par 6/10 to 8/10...since I wouldn't have great material to work with in the first place.

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    the fundamental of a good photo is about..

    focus on the subject
    good composition

    if you can get this three right straight out from the camera, is already 10/10
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    True, dat. =p All based on who's doing the judging, I guess. What's 10/10 for me may not even be 4/10 for someone else. heh. But back to the topic, does anyone know how that sort of lighting effect was achieved?


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