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    Can anyone here help me with the following queries or comments anyone???

    1) Is taking a pic with a wide angle similar to pics taken with panarama mode and then stiched together??? Whats the difference between the two?? And if they are similar, how come ppl still wanna buy wide angle huh???

    2) With a +10 close up filter attached to a camera, is it true that the focus distance is reduced by about 1m/10=0.10m??? For such a focus distance, how am i going to take pictures of insects huh?? They will probably fly away before I reach 20cm!! PLs advice.

    3) Anyone here knows how to take magnificent photos of lightnings???? Is there any method to take such photos, or is it just a test of the photographer's patience by standing there and try to hit the shutter countless times and try your luck??

    Appreciates any views or reccomendations!!!


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    1. no, not the same. the appearance of different focal lengths is not the same. the final image proportions are not the same. it's not so easy to take several matching images for stitching? wide-angles give very broad perspective and show depth

    2. close-up filters/lenses give you a relatively fixed focal distance. depends on your main lens also. you either have to be good at stalking or shoot insects that have a shorter approachable distance...

    3. search the web, most sites i've seen advise you to do a bulb/time exposure, using a black card to cover/uncover the lens.


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