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Thread: Lets talk about the SUN.....

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    Default Lets talk about the SUN.....

    Hi Guys.. Just an old man nagging, if you have time..

    I am new to organising shoots, and I would say I am not an expert in photography. I am still learning like most of you, but perhaps due to the nature of my work, I was given many opportunities to practise and learn. It all started when a friend throw me his Nikon F401 (film camera) some fifteen years ago. Played around with it, made many mistakes and wasted alot money in developing them. Never knew who to ask and learn from, so it took me quite a while to get even the basics right.. Back then, no internet and digital cams and people charge alot to teach. So I somehow learn through the hard way by myself, lucky I always have this "never give up" attitude. Than, I stop for several year because the hobby became too expensive and the need to concentrate on bringing money home instead of expanded film. May I take this opportunity to share and learn from you guys.

    Just wondering what would interest you people to join organised shoot?

    Is it the young and beautiful models? Is it the price you will be paying?
    Or just the time is must be right for you? Or the kind of advise you would probably get from fellow photographers?

    Sometime ago a guy asked me which is more challenging to me, is it Studio Shoot or Outdoors?

    My answer to him it depends...

    Firstly, studio shoots are mostly using controlled lightings. Which obviously would make it easier. But what makes a studio look good? Is how you compose the subject, because you would have little space and background to play with, limited angles to shoot from. Lightings are dead. There are a few standard methods of setting up lights in a studio, play around with it and you will learn eventually. Read up some books would make you understand better. Using a light meter to check the setting required and you will hardly go wrong.

    Outdoors are different, your shoots depends very much on the mercy of the sun. As you can't control lighting unless you bring along outdoor lighting systems with you. Maybe, you would want to do that if you are shooting for a company event or commercial purposes. If not, you will have to learn how to fight the sun. I am not saying how you compose your subject is no longer important, its just you additional things to worry about.

    Any advise??

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    Default Re: Lets talk about the SUN.....

    You mean the usage of natural lighting?

    Be it strong sunlight, overcast, etc...? Well, in general, all of us would have to learn how to deal with that or else shoot at certain times of the day to avoid some of the stronger lighting effects from the sun. There are lots of ways to go around too, like diffusers, reflectors, etc...
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    Quote Originally Posted by predator View Post
    Sometime ago a guy asked me which is more challenging to me, is it Studio Shoot or Outdoors?
    Any advise??
    Studio is in a way good for learning.. because it's repeatable, you are able to recreate a certain mood etc.. For outdoors, either you wait till the lighting is right, or you make use of whatever is available then to make your shot. Either way, the shot is not easily repeated, making it more worthy and gives more satisfaction.


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