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    Quote Originally Posted by KangS View Post
    Its 'shallow', not 'narrow' ... DOF as the name implies is 'depth' how far into a picture is an object in focus. Not how far away from the centre of a view that its in focus.

    Some picts of focusing off-centre and on-centre for comparison might make a better point.

    Generally P&S can take pretty good shallow DOF pictures but only at Macro level. once you get big objects, even with a f2.8 aperture, its quite hopeless unless its some very brightly conditions. I tried with my prosumer camera, never could get it to work well with objects bigger than a pail!
    my bad. it shld be narrow. with my current cam, need to get upclose and personal to get a good shallow DOF. would using a tele converter make any diff or shld i just get a proper dslr instead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ortega View Post
    in order to get a shallower DOF on your lens

    zoom to the longest focal lenght
    use the biggest aperture you have
    position subject further away from the BG
    position subject closer to the camera
    so if i get the tele converter on my p5000, do u think that would work?

    sometimes, not possible to move the subject far or any closer to the cam leh.

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