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Thread: Sony DSC-P9 review on imaging-resource

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    Default Sony DSC-P9 review on imaging-resource

    This certainly must be the season for new Sony digicams. This time, it's an update of Sony's subcompact DSC-P5 model, updated with a 4 megapixel sensor, multipoint autofocus, and Sony's "record as long as you want" MPEG HQX movie mode. A very nice little package!

    This is a "first look" review of the Sony DSC-P9 Digital Camera on imaging-resource
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    Any idea on the street price? I was thinking that P9 shld be at the same launching price of P1 n P5...then probably can find the P5 for much less...

    BTW I thought the P5 have the MPEG HQX mode also?


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